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Hobby : HAMRADIO Amatørradio

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QSL info look on www.qrz.com


 VIA my QSL manager OZ1ACB use this guide.


1. You can send QSL via bureau

My QSL manager is Allis OZ1ACB.


2. You can send your QSL Card to OZ1ACB http://www.qrz.com/db/OZ1ACB

 PSE SAE + 5 USD or

 PSE no IRC anymore.


3. You are also welcome to send eQSL and confirm via LOTW,

but I prefer real paper QSL.


Here is my QSL card Collection Part 1.

QSL card Collection Part 2

QSL card Collection Part 3

QSL card Collection Part 4

Look into my log book : My Log OZ1LCG 


My status DXCC


My QTH is in Ostbirk,

South of AArhus in Central Denmark.


Licens Category A  Examed CW Speed 60 

License since 19. June 1985


My Photoalbum for Hamradio Click http://hamradio.oz1lcg.dk/#home


DX DX VK9DWX  Willis Island 20meter

Download mpg : DX with only 100watt. 16.576 km 





My Radio equipment and Antenna : 


- My antenna is af Flagpole 12m stealth antenna for 80-6meter + 120radials

- Tilt over Crank Up Yower 9-22meter (Standby)

- HF 80-40-20-17-15-10-6 meter Stealth Vertical 40" Flagpole in my Garden.

- HF 160-80-40 meter Dipole. 2 x 2 coaxtraps on 50mm PVC pipe (Standby)

 15  turns RG58  Fres. 3.7Mhz , 8,6  turns RG58 Fres 7.07Mhz(Standby)

- HF GEM QUAD 10-15-20m  manual (Standby)

- HF-homemade Mobile Screwdriver antenna 80-6meter. Manual (Standby)

- Icom Ah4 Tuner. (Standby)

- Wire til Quad antenne. (Standby)

- VHF 9el. Tonna. (Standby)

- VHF  2/HDQ 15-DX Hybrid-Doppel-Quad. (Standby)

- ECOFLEX10 Coax kabel.

- Nplug montage.


- Rotor Yeasu G-1000DXC.  (Standby)

- Ameritron Switch RCS 8V remote 5 antenna.

- Icom SP-20 Loudspeaker with filter

- Icom 706 MKIIG  100Watt. HF + 50watt VHF + 20Watt UHF

- Icom 746pro  100watt HF + VHF 

- Icom orignal mic. HM-36  (IC-746pro)

- Icom UT-102 Voice Syntheziser


- Icom orignal mic. HM-103 (IC-706MKIIG)

- Icom UT-106 DSP unit for IC-706MKIIG

- Icom Narrow Filter FL-223 1.9kHz/–6dB

- Scanner UNIDEN UBC 785xlt (Standby)

- Amplifiere Alpha Power 1kwatt, HF.

- Antenna Tuner Palstar AT5K the best 3,5Kwatt PEP 5 KW CW.

- Mic  : Heilsound pro set plus Headset HC4 + HC5 el.

- Signalink USB Soundcard for PSK31 and digital master.

- CI-V interface USB interfacecable for hamradio deluxe.

- Junker CW Telegraf Key.

Sadelta Echo master plus bordmic.

 - VHF Liniear PA Tokyo Hi-power HL-350VDX 2m 330watt.

  Preamp +6/15dB

- ICOM PS-125 Powersupply. Servicemanual230v rebuild.

Manson SPS 9600 60Amp. Switchmode  Powersuppply.

- MFJ 969 SWR 300watt HF Tuner

- LC meter IIB fra Aade.com

- MFJ 207 SWR analyzer

- Zetagi C45 Frequency Counter.

- SWR & Power meter Daiwa CN-101L 1.8..150Mhz 1,5Kw

- SWR Yeasu YS-500 140..525 Mhz

- Rosenborg Radio Controlled Weather Station WS-7208

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Here you find Photos and  information about my Hobby.


My Work »

My job since 1990 

Max Fodgaard A/S,

Automation Sales Engineer

Explosions Protection.


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 I am Married with my wife Joannah we have 3 kids Frederik (1999) Tobias (2001) Gustav (2003).